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Puppy Purchasing Perils

Sally had always dreamed about owning a Miniature Daschund. She fell in love with Coco* the minute she set eyes on the eight-week old pup, and promptly bought him. A few weeks later the Body Corporate of the complex she was staying in, forced Sally to give Coco away due to excessive ‘noise pollution’. If… Continue Reading

The Puppy Trade

  The puppies looked so forlorn in their little pet shop cage, Susan* simply HAD to put at least one of them out of their misery.  The picked the cute ‘pedigreed’ Fox Terrier with the spot on its right eye and took Spot home with her to start his new life.  Or so she thought. … Continue Reading


    Larger Puppies … Bigger Bone Problems? Damian* couldn’t contain his excitement when his dad came home with Bongo*, a Great Dane puppy.  This was his ‘new best friend’, the 7 year-old was told.  Bongo lived up to his name – went exploring everywhere with Damian – over rocks, down to the river running… Continue Reading