Ehrlichiosis is an infection in dogs caused by bacteria spread by ticks. This disease is more common in warmer areas. Throughout several stages of the infection symptoms may include weakness, lethargy, depression, lack of appetite, difficulty breathing, nose bleeds, weight loss, fever, joint pain, seizures, anemia, kidney failure, and possibly paralysis.


Monthly Flea (and tick) Parasite Preventatives

Because this is a tick-borne disease, and there is no vaccine or other guaranteed method of prevention, the use of a regular tick preventative can greatly reduce the chance of infection. These products are administered topically (on-the-skin) and will prevent ticks, as well as other internal parasites, for an entire month. Pay careful attention that you choose a product that is listed for the parasites that you specifically want to prevent.

Recommended protocol:

Administer a flea and tick preventative product to your pet every month for the duration of its life. Dogs and cats are at risk for tick and flea-borne illnesses at any age.

-VIP Petcare

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