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Obese Cats

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Fat Cat …Health risks of obese cats by Dr Johan Schoeman   Hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) As far as our companion animals are concerned, the cat is the only one afflicted by this quite life-threatening disorder. Obese cats are particularly prone to “fatty liver”. What Is Fatty Liver Disorder? When a… Continue Reading

Feline AIDS

  by Dr Ralf Patzelt   Feline AIDS And The Power Of Prevention Sylvester*, Sheena’s street-smart cat just wasn’t himself.  Five years after ‘adopting’ Sheena as his mistress, Sylvester’s coat wasn’t as glossy as it used to be … he wasn’t eager to roam the neighbourhood as he used to, and his appetite wasn’t what… Continue Reading

What Makes The Medicine Go Down?!

  by Sr Sarah Maritz How To Medicate Your Cat Ever noticed how easily your friendly affectionate tabby cat turns into a wild, hissing and spitting tiger when you attempt to medicate it? That’s because cats, even after thousand years of domestication, still revert instinctively to good old ‘fight or flight’ when under sufficient threat or… Continue Reading

Cats and pregnant women

  The facts you need by Bruce Gummow & Ingrid Weber Jenna Davies had tried for years to fall pregnant. .. to no avail. The third attempt of artificial insemination finally proved fruitful, and Jenna’s twins were on the way! You can imagine … Jenna wanted to do everything in her power to ensure that… Continue Reading