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101 Kitties

By Dr Pete Irons Avoiding the feline family frenzy Like the Magical Mr. Mistopheles of Andrew Lloyd Webber fame, cats are legendary for their ability to produce kittens much to the dismay of the owner. Many people don’t notice or recognise the tell-tale signs of sexual activity until five or six weeks later when the queen… Continue Reading

Help, My cat is lost!

 By Identipet Cats are very home-bound and stay within a well-demarcated territory, hence the extremely vocal cat encounters that usually happen on the perimeters of these boundaries – especially in spring and summer when the seasonally poly-oestrus, intact queens come on heat…But once cats go out of their territory, they easily become lost. This happens especially… Continue Reading

Catnip and your cat!

by Dr Marianne de Vries   Gimme Sum More o’ Dat Good Stuff! Have you ever looked at a cat basking in the late afternoon sun as the rest of the world frantically scrambles around to finish work? You just know that, come dinnertime, that cat would not have raised a paw to help with… Continue Reading

The Feline Facts of Life

by Dr Pete IronsWives have an uncanny knack of being right, as shown by my wife’s instantaneous words of wisdom on the topic of cat reproduction: “When you want them to breed they don’t and when you don’t they do”. As a reproduction specialist I consult in situations where highly bred purebreds are not producing the… Continue Reading

The Mysteriously Miserable Cat

  Why was Missy not cheerful and upbeat like the other cats? She’s got a loving home, and yet she’s miserable. The client: Mrs. Lorna MacLeod, a retired high-school teacher with infinite patience. The patient: Missy, a 12-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthair cat. The background: Missy was adopted as a 9-year-old adult, and went from… Continue Reading

Cat’s life expectancy

Cats May Have Nine Lives … But How Long Do They Live? It’s interesting to note that, nowadays, cats  live longer than they ever have. Just 20 years ago the life expectancy of a cat was four  to six years; today cats could live for 15 years or more. Life expectancy in cats  depends on… Continue Reading