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Jump, Spot, JUMP

By Dr Sandy Welton   Dog agility is a sport in which the handler is given a set amount of time in which to direct a dog off-lead through an obstacle course. It  began as an exhibition sport in Great Britain at the Cruffs Dog Show in the late 1970s to keep the spectators occupied… Continue Reading

Canine Aggression: How to deal with it

Canine Aggression:  How to deal with it The best way to prevent canine aggression is to positively reinforce the dog with love and correct disciplinary measures when required during the fist eight weeks – the period which we call the imprintation period. However, it may have gone all wrong here. Often we end up owning dogs… Continue Reading

What About Santa-Paws?

by  Dr Marianne de Vries They’ve been so good all year! Here are a few tips on how to make sure the festive season is filled with  fun, not fraught with danger, for the four footed kids in your home…. Top ten tips for a festive season that will keep his tail wagging all the… Continue Reading

Dog Scratching

    The dog is scratching AGAIN! I often hear this from clients: ‘My dog has been itchy FOR EVER and all my vet does is give me those little while (cortisone) pills. All this cortisone can’t be good for him – SURELY there must be another option?’ The short answer is yes, there is.… Continue Reading

Barking up the wrong tree

by Dr Quixi Sonntag   Do you have a neighbour who is constantly complaining about your dog’s “alleged” endless barking? Is somebody else’s dog driving you mad with its continuous cacophony? Excessive dog barking is becoming a very common problem. As more people are moving into high-density housing with their dogs, the negative effects of… Continue Reading