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Massaging your best friend

By Charlene van den HeeverTender loving touch… massaging your best friend For many of us, our pets are our trusted companions.  Dogs, in particular, love being touched but remember all pets have a great need to be given tender loving care.  Massage has many benefits for the givers and receivers, and takes only minutes a… Continue Reading

Ear Disease in Dogs.

  Treating and Managing Ear Disease in Dogs In our Summer Issue we discussed the causes of Canine Otitis, or Ear Disease. In this issue we look in greater detail at symptoms to look out for, treatment options and management of the condition. What Are The Symptoms? Dogs suffering from ear disease commonly: Have a… Continue Reading

False pregnancy

    Great Expectations … Or Are They? Binky* the Maltese Poodle LOOKED pregnant.  She ACTED pregnant.  But how on earth could she possibly BE pregnant?  She hasn’t been out the yard, and she most certainly hasn’t been NEAR a male dog!  It was only after Binky’s owner called her vet, that she learned about… Continue Reading

Biliary Fever

by Dr Mirinda van Schoor Tick … tick … tick … When Rover Has Biliary Fever   What is Biliary fever? The term, “Biliary fever” is misleading. It implies that the animal has jaundice (yellow gums); however this is not necessarily the case. Biliary fever is caused by a microscopically small parasite that gets transmitted… Continue Reading