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Like a fish to the water

  by Dr David Huchzermeyer   “ … Like A Fish To The Water”, And Other Miracles!   Water is fascinating. Not only for water sports and swimming pool enthusiasts but especially for anyone with an interest in fish. All too easily the fisherman takes life forms in the water for granted, until one day… Continue Reading

The All-important Role Of Temperature

Cold Fish?  The All-important Role Of Temperature  By Dr David Huchzermeyer   Fish, like birds and mammals, are vertebrates.  One striking difference in the way its body functions sets fish apart from birds and mammals.  Like reptiles and amphibians, fish are cold-blooded or poikilothermic. Unlike birds and mammals, they can’t regulate their body temperature through… Continue Reading

Something fishy going on

by Dr David Huchzermeyer Something fishy going on? If you thought you’re the only one sitting in front of your TV that can get depressed, think again —-your pet fish can feel in the dumps too!! To avoid this happening, read on! Fish don’t talk. They can’t tell us about their feelings and emotions. From their… Continue Reading