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What Makes The Medicine Go Down?!

  by Sr Sarah Maritz How To Medicate Your Cat Ever noticed how easily your friendly affectionate tabby cat turns into a wild, hissing and spitting tiger when you attempt to medicate it? That’s because cats, even after thousand years of domestication, still revert instinctively to good old ‘fight or flight’ when under sufficient threat or… Continue Reading

Responsible breeders do it

  Check out hips & Elbows before You Go Ahead Are you thinking about letting your dog have a litter of puppies? Stop – consult your veterinarian first. A great variety of dog breeds especially larger breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors and Rottweilers, are prone to diseases of the hip and elbow joints. These… Continue Reading

Making a new Kitten feel at Home – especially amongst the other cats of the household!

Most kittens are conceived during spring – when queens come on heat and are mated by that traveler tom that we have never seen, but surely heard – especially at night when there was competition from other lovers….! Following a gestation period of about 58 days, many cat litters will be born during November and… Continue Reading