How to deal with Canine Aggression



The best way to prevent canine aggression is to positively reinforce the dog with love and correct disciplinary measures when required during the fist eight weeks – the period which we call the imprintation period. However, it may have gone all wrong here. Often we end up owning dogs of which we do not know the circumstances of their upbringing. Then, when aggression manifests, we are confused and may not address it in the correct manner. We need to deal with aggression firmly and correctly – in a consistent manner. The saying goes that it is not easy to teach an old dog new tricks…and so it is with manners. It is nevertheless worth a try because we owe it to the dog to show him / her what we expect. It may be a long process which initially may seem a lost case, but do not despair. There is hope…. First we must understand the different causes of canine aggression, when these manifest and against whom they are directed.

The following are steps to take when aggression manifests:

  • Determine the root cause of aggression. This is often not easily achieved and will require the help of a veterinarian with experience in canine behavioral therapy

The ultimate challenge is to have the dog accept that you, the owner, assume the “leader- of-the-pack” role. If not, the dog will attempt to challenge you for this position. One of the ways to do this is through aggression. You, as a responsible owner should affirm this position regularly in the following ways:

  • Be firm. Do not allow the dog to do as it likes. Uncertain behavior from your side will confuse the dog
  • Be consistent in you commands

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