Muscle Dog

Max-a-million … Muscle Dog, Mover And Shaker of Note!

It was Percy’s* Boerboel, Max-a-million’s fourth birthday.  Percy had been so busy recently, setting up his new business, that Max had clearly been feeling pretty neglected.  His coat wasn’t shining like it used to, he had lost some muscle tone over the months (no time for walkies!) and he even got off his favourite chair by the window with a bit of a limp.  Percy decided, “So far and no further!”  He decided to give Max-a-million a new lease of life for his fourth birthday.  So off to the vetshop Percy went!

“What’s new?”  Percy mused as he walked up and down the vetshop aisles.  The friendly vetshop assistant drew his attention to two brand new products launched by Afrivet … Muscle Dog and Orthoplex Plus.

“Muscle Dog!”  Percy grinned.  “Now THAT sounds like a great present for Max!”  What is it exactly?

Percy worked his way through the brochure and discovered that this natural feed supplement  promotes muscle development, physical well being and improves overall appearance.  He also learnt a couple of things he never knew, like the fact that working muscles produce large quantities of free radicals.  (No, Percy, free radicals aren’t those delinquent dogs in the park that urinate on all and sundry!)  Jokes aside, though, certain free radicals actually end up damaging muscle cells, and this results in muscle wastage!

Show Dogs, Watch Out … Max Is In The House!

The whole Muscle Dog principle lies in the fact that, if one can maintain an adequate network of antioxidants in dogs, you’re able to PROTECT your dog’s muscles from those nasty free radicals, whilst simultaneously promoting tone and condition.  Percy immediately thought of his ‘show dog’ friends who would absolutely LOVE to hear about this product!  Muscle Dog contains a healthy dose of antioxidants, including Gamma Oryzanol – which is refined from rice bran oil.  It comes in a 200 ml container, which accurately dispenses 1 ml at a time.  According to the label, a very large dog like Max would need 4 squirts (4 ml) of Muscle Dog per day, so one container would last Percy as long as 50 days … that’s nearly three months! On that positive note, Muscle Dog went into Percy’s basket!  He went on to ask the vetshop assistant about Orthoplex Plus.  Come to think of it, that morning limp of Max’s might be more than just an attempt at attention!  Could Orthoplex Plus play a role in helping Max with getting up in the mornings?

Giving Max A Leg To Stand On …

“This is the natural way to keep your Max’s joints mobile,” the vetshop assistant explained.  “When the function of the skeletal joints are impaired, this can dramatically reduce joint flexion, movement and mobility, and in so doing, Max’s quality of life could also be impaired,” she went on.  Percy started browsing through the Orhoplex Plus brochure and discovered that dogs get osteoarthritis too.  This is a disease characterised by progressive, degenerative changes in the joint capsule, which in turn reduces the quality and quantity of Synovial fluid.  (Synovial fluid is the joint lubricant.)

It’s All Downhill From There …

When there’s not enough lubricant, the articular cartilage is damaged, and its protective cushion is no longer effective.  This cascade of events can contribute to a cycle of cartilage damage, inflammation and progressive loss of joint function.  This is when the wonder of nutritional supplementation  with Orthoplex Plus can step in and make a difference to a dog’s quality of life!

Moving Forward With Orthoplex Plus

Orthoplex Plus contains Glucosamine HCl, essential for the formation of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans, also known as the building blocks in the cartilage matrix).  In combination with Chondroitin Suphate, also found in Orthoplex Plus, these two ingredients have been shown to improve lameness scores and the quality of synovial fluid in studies done on caninesMethylsulphonylmethane, also known as MSM, has been shown to improve physical function in osteoarthritic subjects taking it. Last but not least, this supplement contains Hyaluronic acid; a normal constituent of the joint, and it helps increase the viscosity of the synovial fluid, thereby reducing the friction between articular surfaces. When Percy discovered that his birthday present to Max could improve Max’s quality of life, he felt much much better about the present he’d chosen.  Of course, daily walks would be squeezed into his busy agenda … and a happy, healthy dog would be his reward!

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